Lemony Snicket
lemony_snicketClient: Paramount Pictures
National Advertisers: Papa John's Pizza, Sunny D

As a consultant to Paramount Pictures, MediaLinx was given the challenge of bringing in corporate partners for the movie Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Many industry experts said it would be difficult as the script read "dark", but in the wake of the success of Harry Potter, and the fact that "Lemony Snicket" was also based on a very successful book series, we used its wide appeal to kids as a foundation to begin our negotiations with family targeted products.

Papa John's had never been involved in a cobranded effort with a major motion picture, but had seen its competitors benefit from entertainment-based promotions. One of the key objectives of Papa John's is to get the full price for their product. Instead of discounting their product, their strategy is to add a premium to the buy. In support of the movie, Papa John's developed THE FORTUNATE DEAL. We partnered with Activision, maker of the Lemony Snicket CD-ROM game and created a special CD which included exclusive clips from the film along with samples of the game. A multi-million dollar media campaign of TV, radio and print supported this promotion. The results...Papa John's had their largest sales week of the year during the promotion.

Inspiration to approach an account comes in many different forms. We originally approached Sunny D because a key character in the story of Lemony Snicket is "Sunny", one of the Baudelaire orphans. That quickly took a back seat as the client recognized the "tween" target application and the direction of the promotion was based on an idea to add new flavors developed specifically to support the movie and their key demographic.

The promotion guided customers to the Sunny D website where they could "unfortunately" win many different prizes. The promotion was supported with a multi-million TV, print, and web-driven campaign.

Excerpts from the Hollywood Reporter, December 7, 2004. (FRONT PAGE):

Jennifer Cottle, brand manager for Sunny D says, "We feel the connection with the Baudelaire children, who are empowered by their talent and intelligence to triumph over the precarious situations in the movie, tied well to the Sunny D brand equity."

All the brands that tied into the film said they were not at all concerned by the irreverent and somewhat gloomy tone of the movie. On the contrary, they wanted to take full advantage of that quirky style, which has helped sell 25 million books worldwide.

"We were very careful and reviewed what this opportunity involved but were very confident because of the popularity and humor of the books even though they're a little bit dark," said Jim Ensign, senior director of media for Papa John's International.