Christmas With The Kranks
christmas_with_the_kranks copyWhat would the holidays be like without a Christmas movie?...and what better way to get it started than with the comedy of Tim Allen as Sony presents Christmas With The Kranks.

We approached Sony because we knew this movie had wide "kid appeal" and we had just the vehicle to help them promote it. Our association with Weekly Reader has given us a key to open doors at schools, and that is a privilege we treat with the utmost respect. With careful consultation from the Weekly Reader editors, we developed a formula for creating essay writing contests that thrill teachers, engage students, and reward outstanding achievement.

Our contests bring out the best in students all across America and we get some of the most encouraging comments from teachers.

"English classes at the middle school level are writer based. Thank you for providing an additional tool to spark the interests of our young writers."

"Anything that gets children to write is wonderful--hopefully the Christmas writing will inspire them since they are familiar with the topic."

The responses came POURING in for another successful essay contest...out performing our last two entertainment-based programs.