MediaLinx is currently working with Jiffy Lube in a promotion to provide customers with a premium for getting their oil changed.

Even if you are using a coupon, Jiffy Lube will reward its customers with a box of durable, biodegradable plastic bags with draw strings.  The bags are suitable for home, auto, boat and recreational vehicle use.

The program is currently being tested in select cities in Texas and Colorado.  The program will expand to more markets after Phase 1 is completed.

The opportunity for marketers is to brand the bags and the box the come in with your logo.  If your company compliments a Jiffy Lube patron, this is a great way to reach them for pennies per impression.

Jiffy Lube will start their distribution in the following selected cities and with the following box count:

San Antonio: 192,000
Houston:  359,000
Dallas: 120,000
Colorado Springs: 106,000
Denver: 86,000

Total Distribution: 863,000
Total Distribution per month: 71,916
Total Distribution of bags (5 per box): 4,315,000
Total Jiffy Lube Employees Promoting Box Ads at Point of Sale: 816

Cost: .99 per box for exclusivity; .75 per box sharing with one additional advertiser; .50 per box sharing with 3 additional advertisers.

Deadline:  March 31, 2009