MediaLinx is proud to represent the most trusted name in bowling – Brunswick.

They currently own and operate 100 Fun Centers around the country, all equipped with multiple 42” HD flat-screens strategically positioned over the alleys. 

The average stay of a bowling patron is over 2 hours and during that time the exposure to these screens allow for multiple viewing of spots, trailers and interstitials.  The pricing is competitive and promotions can be augmented with on site point of purchase signage and contest facilitation.
(Photo shows one among many other clusters of 42” HD flat-screens strategically positioned over the alleys.)

Brunswick Demographics
National Averages
Male 53%
Female 47%
College Degree 44%

Age 17 & under 35%
Age 18-34 35%
Age 35-54 24%
Age 55+ 6%

Household Income $25k – $49k 23%
Household Income $50k – $74k 26%
Household Income $75k – $100k 19%
Household Income $100k+ 25%

Customers per center per year: 104,000**
Children attending birthday parties per center
per year: 5,377
Average time spent in the bowling center: 2.5 hours/visit

Brunswick Entertainment Network – National Advertising Rates

Broadcasting fee for guaranteed run of 6 plays
per day on the entire network.

$3500 per one-week flight
$5000 per two-week flight
$8750 per month

One time set up fee $150.