Now Here's a Tasty Idea!
Pizza box advertising is extremely cost effective and is a great way to reach your target. Our client Mangia Media specializes in custom-crafted boxes that are made with high quality corrugated material and offer both 2 and 4-color reproduction. They have produced over 50 million custom pizza boxes.

Some Appetizing Facts from the National Organization of Pizza Operators:
• 94% of Americans eat pizza
• The average pizza meal last 40 minutes
• The average pizza meal is enjoyed by 4 people

And here's an interesting note...if you add the 4 major pizza chains together (Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's and Little Caesar's) it would only reach 30% of pizza sales in the country. The rest is made up of small, independent, "Mom & Pop" locations. These are the locations that distribute our boxes as they cannot afford their own "personalized" boxes. Normally they buy generic boxes or ones that simply read "Hot Pizza". They buy our boxes at a discount and their customers love them.

There are many packages we offer including a special college-campus buy. For more information on rates, please call us at 818-341-8566 or click: CONTACT US.

Tired of Italian food? Mangia Media also make custom Chinese food containers (Moo Shu Media)