School of Rock
the_school_of_rockClient: Weekly Reader
National Advertiser: Paramount Pictures

We start with a movie written "about kids", then develop it "for kids". Next, you add in a generous supply of Jack Black and you have a hit on your hands. But that was just the beginning. This was a movie about MUSIC...and that was a key ingredient to making this promotion a huge success. We knew from the start we wanted to use our relationship with Weekly Reader. After all, what better way to reach kids than to reach them while in school...especially since this movie followed the escapades of a 5th grade class at a private school.

MediaLinx, in partnership with Weekly Reader, developed an essay contest that encouraged kids to answer the following question:
What rock star or musician do you think would make a great teacher and why?

From Beethoven to the Beatles....we received some amazing essays...the student wrote...and the teachers RAVED...and RAVED...and RAVED!

"This essay contest is students will enjoy it."

"Keep them coming... the kids LOVED this promotion."

"I am enthusiastic about the essay contest. I hope to pass the enthusiasm on to my students."

In total, we received almost 30,000 responses. Each response was a 250-word essay and the program yielded the largest response in Weekly Reader history. Students, teachers and schools were rewarded with iPods, Gibson guitars, and money to go towards musical instruments for the schools.